workshops & training

All of our workshops and training teach practical evidence-based well-being skills that are vital to personal and professional development. Well-being skills can affect the success of the entire organization as well as individual job satisfaction, personal performance, and overall well-being.

Our flagship workshops and trainings address building well-being and professional development skills in five areas.

Cultivate Foundations. Our four-part Foundations workshop delves into well-being and stress-reduction techniques specifically designed for busy professionals.  We discuss the science behind why these exercises work, and practice together.  This is a practical, evidence-based curriculum with concrete take-aways.

Cultivate ResilienceThis workshop presents strategies for cultivating resilience and personal connection, based on sound scientific principles.  Human beings generally have amazing capacity to adapt to adversity and thrive in the aftermath. Participants should expect to walk away with practical tools for fostering resilience. 

Cultivate Civility & Connection. Personal connections are among the most important predictors of professional and personal well-being and incivility the most likely to deplete well-being and job satisfaction.  In this workshop, we engage with the science of civil communication and enhancing personal connection.

Cultivate Calm & Control. This workshop builds on Cultivate's Foundations workshop and delves into advanced mindfulness and applied positive psychology exercises and practices.  Participants will also engage with real-life scenarios to sharpen their skills.

Cultivate Job Satisfaction. This workshop allows participants to take control of their job satisfaction using the Job Crafting Exercise and other evidence-based strategies for improved satisfaction and performance.

virtual learning center

Cultivate's learning center makes it easy to learn and practice well-being skills by aggregating the programs we offer into an easy to use platform.

Cultivate allows organizations to provide their professionals with easy-to-access programs that promote practical well-being skills. We want to make sure that all of your well-being training needs are addressed so we have launched our annual well-being training program. 

The goals of this annual membership program will be to:

  • Teach evidence-based well-being skills to professionals.

  • Train professionals in applying these skills to their professional lives. 

  • Provide the highest value training through live group and e-learning options. 

  • Promote diverse and ongoing practices of these skills through brief practice sessions designed specifically for busy professionals.

  • Promote a community of professionals that is learning and practicing well -being skills. 

Member organizations have access to live classes, practical mini-lessons, workshops, mindfulness check-ins, and an asynchronous learning library of recorded classes and resources. There is also an option to implement a private firm/organization community function so that interested members can connect on well-being issues and get together for a monthly moderated discussion group.

speaking engagements

Tara speaks regularly at partnership retreats, affinity group meetings, business development seminars, and state and local bar groups about finding that elusive sense of calm and control and practical ways to boost your well-being.

Speaking topics have included:

  • Making Well-being Work For You

  • Harnessing Your Stress

  • Well-Being Strategies: A Deeper Dive

  • Taking a Collective Deep Breath

  • Finding Joy in Your Professional Life

  • Finding Calm & Control in a Crazy World

  • Cultivating Connection in a Virtual World

events & classes

We offer a wide variety of classes that can be delivered virtually or in-person (someday).


  • yoga

  • chair yoga

  • simple desk stretching

  • mindfulness check-in

  • breathe & move (mindfulness & yoga basics combo class)